Restoring a SAP HANA Scale Out Database

A database restore might be necessary when the data area or the log area is damaged, to recover from a logical error or to copy the database.

The SAP HANA software brings the database down before the restore, and brings the database up after the restore completes.

Before You Begin

  1. Perform a full backup.
  2. If you changed the node order on the pseudo-client, and the master node is no longer the first node, then reconfigure the node order in the pseudo-client. For more information, see Creating a SAP HANA Scale Out Pseudo-Client.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Client Computers > client > SAP HANA.
  2. Right-click the instance, point to All Tasks and then click Browse and Restore.

    The Browse and Restore dialog box appears.

  3. On the Time Range tab, select Latest Backup and click View Content.
  4. From the Browse window, select the data to restore, and then click Recover All Selected.

    The Restore Options appears.

  5. On the General tab, select the destination client and instance:
    1. From the Destination Client list, select the client that the software uses for the restore operation.
    2. Choose the type of restore that you want to perform:

      Recover the database to the most recent state

      Recover to a point-in-time

      Recover only the data

    3. To verify that all the backups required for the recovery operation are available, select the Check Access check box.
    4. To initialize the log area after the restore, select the Initialize log area check box.
  6. Optional: Restore from a copy precedence.

    You can restore from a backup copy when the backup is not available or is aged.

    For more information about modifying the copy precedence of a storage policy copy, see Copy Precedence.

    1. Click Advanced.

      The Advanced Restore Options dialog box appears.

    2. On the Copy Precedence tab, select the Restore from Copy Precedence number check box, and then enter a copy precedence number.
    3. Click OK.
  7. Click OK.

Last modified: 10/1/2018 11:46:30 AM