Running Index Server Load Balancing with the Load Balance Index Servers Workflow (Indexing Version 2) (CommCell Console)

You can perform index server load balancing by running the Load Balance Index Servers workflow.

Note: The CommCell also includes a default workflow called System created index cache load balancing, which runs automatically at midnight on the last Sunday of the month. You can modify this default workflow or run it immediately. For more information, see Managing Schedule Policies.

The workflow redistributes indexes across Indexing Version 2 index servers in a CommCell environment that share the same data paths. The indexes are moved from overloaded servers to under-utilized servers that can host the indexes.

To determine whether you need to run load balancing on Indexing Version 2 index servers, you can use the Index Server Load Report. The Index Server Load Report displays information about index load statuses, index load trends, and index size distributions across MediaAgents that are acting as Indexing Version 2 index servers in a CommCell environment.

Note: If the workflow fails, the system will not run it again automatically.

Before You Begin

  • The Commvault Workflow solution must be deployed in your CommCell environment. Typically, the Workflow Engine is installed with the CommServe software. If you need to install the Workflow Engine separately, see Installing the Workflow Engine.
  • Download the Load Balance Index Servers workflow from the Commvault Store. See Download Workflows from the Commvault Store.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, in Workflows, right-click Load Balance Index Servers, point to All Tasks, and then click Execute.

    The Load Balance Index Servers Options dialog box appears.

  2. From the Run workflow on list, select the workflow engine that you want to perform the workflow.
  3. Click OK.

    Note: Once the job completes, it will take up to 24 hours for changes to be reflected in the Index Server Load Report.

Last modified: 4/29/2020 1:59:25 PM