Amazon RDS Protection Using Native Database Export or Dump Utility

You can use the Commvault software to perform logical dumps of Amazon RDS databases so that you can move the data to storage in the cloud or on-premises to meet your compliance and storage objectives.

The Commvault software uses the native database dump based backup utilities to export the data from the Amazon RDS database and import it to any of the following destinations:

  • The same Amazon RDS instance that you backed up
  • A new Amazon RDS instance
  • An on-premises database instance

Key Features

  • Back up the data to a disk in the cloud or on-premises
  • End users can restore the data to the same instance, or to another database instance in the cloud or on premises for application needs
  • Table-level restore operations from the backup

The solution works with the following databases:

Solution Components

The following Commvault entities are part of the solution:




Required Commvault packages

CommServe server

On-premises or Amazon cloud

  • Manages administrative functions
  • Communicates with MediaAgents when the media subsystem requires management
  • Communicates with agents to initiate data protection, management and recovery operations
  • Provides tools to administer and manage the CommCell environment

CommCell Console

The following packages are automatically selected:

  • File System Core
  • File System
  • Web Console
  • Web Server
  • Workflow Engine


On-premises or Amazon cloud

Moves the data and manages storage.


Linux proxy server

Amazon Cloud

This entity communicates with the Amazon RDS database instance and the CommServe server and MediaAgent.

You can have the proxy server handle multiple agent types.

  • Unix File System
  • Virtualization Agent
  • Database Agent

Amazon RDS Virtualization Client

Not Applicable

This entity is the interface that you use to perform backup operations and restore operations for the Amazon RDS database.

  • Virtualization Agent
  • Database Agent

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