Mark Library Fixed

When the number of software or hardware errors exceed the preset threshold values established for the library, the status of the library is automatically changed as Offline with the appropriate Offline Reason. In such a situation, it is essential to identify and correct the related hardware or software problem. Once the hardware or software problem is addressed, you must notify the MediaAgent using the Mark Library Fixed option, to reset the counters that keep track of library events and bring the library online.

See Library Maintenance Threshold Parameters for information on setting up the threshold values for the library.

To mark a library as fixed:

  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Storage Resources | Libraries.
  2. Right-click the library that you have fixed, and then click Mark Library Fixed.
  3. Click Yes in the Confirm prompt that appears. This will reset the counters for the library.

Last modified: 3/1/2018 8:18:12 PM