Restoring Data from Archive Cloud Storage Using a Workflow - Support

Supported Archive Cloud Storage Platforms

The following Archive Cloud Storage platforms are supported:

  • Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service
  • Amazon Glacier
  • Amazon S3

    The following storage classes are supported:

    • Standard/Glacier (Combined Storage Tiers)
    • Standard-IA/Glacier (Combined Storage Tiers)
    • One Zone-IA/Glacier (Combined Storage Tiers)
    • Intelligent-Tiering/Glacier (Combined Storage Tiers)
    • Standard/Deep Archive (Combined Storage Tiers)
    • Standard-IA/Deep Archive (Combined Storage Tiers)
    • One Zone-IA/Deep Archive (Combined Storage Tiers)
    • Intelligent-Tiering/Deep Archive (Combined Storage Tiers)
    • Glacier
    • Deep Archive
  • Microsoft Azure Storage
    • Hot/Archive (Combined Storage Tiers)
    • Cool/Archive (Combined Storage Tiers)
    • Archive
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Archive Storage
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Archive Storage Classic
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage (S3 Compatibility)

Agent Support

  • Recalls for the following agents with Indexing Version 2 clients are supported using the Cloud Storage Archive Recall workflow:
  • Restores using the Cloud Storage Archive Recall is NOT SUPPORTED for the following agents/operations:
    • Agents using Indexing Version 2 (other than the ones listed above)*
    • Agents using Indexing Version 1 *
    • Agents with Live Browse option
    • Database Agents
    • NAS agent with deduplicated data
    • Persistent Recovery used for file system stub recalls

    Use the command line method to recall and restore the data for these agents. For more information on the command line method, see Restoring Data from Archive Cloud Storage Platforms Using Command Line

    Note: The command line method may recall more data from the Archive Cloud storage platform, which may result in additional costs incurred on cloud storage.

* For comprehensive information on Agent compatibility with the indexing versions, see Agents that Use Indexing.

Recommended: Enable deduplication on cloud recall storage for agents that support the Cloud Storage Archive Recall workflow. Do not enable deduplication on cloud archive storage for agents that do not support the Cloud Storage Archive Recall workflow.

Feature Support

  • Deduplication Database (DDB) reconstruction is not supported by the Cloud Storage Archive Recall workflow. For more information on reconstructing a DDB, see Deduplication Database Recovery.
  • Live Browse operation is not supported. For more information on performing a Live Browse, see the following pages:
  • Archive Cloud Storage products as the source for Auxiliary Copy, Synthetic Full backups, Data Verification and Content Indexing operations, is not supported. This is because the data may be archived off and these operations are performed on low latency media.
    To perform these operations in Archive Cloud Storage products, first restore the data to the main cloud storage location. When all of the required backup data is restored to the main cloud storage location, perform an Auxiliary Copy, Synthetic Full backup, Data Verification and/or Content Indexing operation on the data.
  • Micro pruning is not supported in Archive Cloud Storage platforms. For more information on data pruning on Archive Cloud Storage platforms, see Data Pruning from Archive Cloud Storage.
  • Global Deduplication policies are not recommended for Archive Cloud Storage platforms, as this could result in recalling more data from archival storage. For more information on Global Deduplication, see Global Deduplication.

Last modified: 4/1/2020 8:39:54 PM