Getting Started with the NDMP Agent

Step 1: Review Requirements and Supported Features

Refer to the following information to learn more about the requirements for the NDMP Agent, and the supported features:

Step 2: Install the NDMP Agent

Review each of the following topics to get started with the installation:

  • MediaAgent Installations

    You must install the MediaAgent software on a computer connected to the file server that you want to protect. The software for the NDMP Agent is installed automatically as part of the MediaAgent installation.

  • Add a NAS Client

    You must add a NAS client before you can backup NDMP file system data.

Step 3: Prepare for Your First Backup and Restore

  1. Open the CommCell Console.
  2. Configure libraries and drives attached to a file server.
  3. Create a storage policy and assign the storage policy to a subclient.
  4. Decide whether you want the following additional functionality:

Step 4: Run Your First Backup and Restore

Step 5: Where to Go from Here

  • To properly plan for rapid recovery of critical data and restoration of business functions in the event of a disaster, review Full System Recovery: NAS NDMP Agent.
  • Configure Data Retention and Data Aging for your data. For more information, see Data Aging.

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