Linux Proxy Support for Amazon Web Services

You can configure a Linux instance to act as a Virtual Server Agent (VSA) proxy for Commvault backups and restores.

You can use a Linux access node for streaming or IntelliSnap backup operations and restore operations.


  • Commvault Service Pack 13 or a more recent service pack
  • One of the following AWS instance types:
    • CentOS 7.4
    • RHEL 7.5
    • AWS Linux instance using a 64-bit Arm processor

      When you use an AWS instance with the 64-bit Arm processor as a Linux access node for VSA, you can back up instances or restore full instances, but you cannot restore guest files.

  • Mono
  • Commvault Virtual Server Agent package
  • If you use an on-premises deployment of the CommServe system, configure a firewall as described in Configuring a Firewall to Install the Virtual Server Agent on a Cloud VM or Instance before you deploy the Linux access node.

Deployment Options

Supported Features

  • IntelliSnap backups
  • Streaming backups
  • Instance filters
  • Volume filters
  • Full instance restores (HotAdd method)
  • Restore volume and attach to new or existing instance
  • Live browse
  • Restore guest files and folders
  • Agentless file recovery using Command Center
  • Live sync replication (HotAdd method) when the drivers are pre-installed on the guest VMs (including failover and failback support)

The following features are not supported when using a Linux access node. Use a Windows proxy for these operations.

  • Full instance restores (import method)
  • Conversion from another hypervisor to AWS (import method).
  • Conversion from another hypervisor to AWS (import method) is not supported when using a Linux access node to convert a Windows guest VM.
  • Live sync replication (import method).

    Note: For cross-hypervisor restores or live sync replication from VMware to Amazon, you can use a VSA proxy that runs on Windows or Linux. If you use a VSA proxy that runs on Linux, for both Windows and Linux guest VMs, the drivers must be installed on the source before performing the backup.

Note: The HotAdd restore method is used for restore operations that meet the following conditions:

  • Use an AWS instance as a VSA proxy.
  • Restore an instance to the same zone as the VSA proxy that is used for the operation.
  • Specify Windows guest VM credentials for the restore operation (credentials are not required for Linux guest VMs).
  • If a VSA proxy running Windows is used for the operation, the Amazon folder under the Commvault install_directory must contain the AWSPVDriverSetup.msi and Ec2Install.exe components.

If any of these conditions are not met for a restore operation, the import method is used.

Last modified: 5/21/2021 4:52:29 PM