CommServe LiveSync - Connectivity

Use this tab to setup a client (or clients) that must be used as a proxy to route requests and responses between the CommServe server and the clients in the CommCell, before and after a failover. Depending on the selection, appropriate network routes will be automatically created under the Network Topologies node in the CommCell Browser.

  • Use Network Gateway

    Choose this option to specify dedicated proxy computer(s) as a network gateway that routes requests to the CommServe. One or more clients can be used as a network gateway (or proxy). Use the drop-down list to select the client group containing the client(s) that must be used as a network gateway. Make sure that a client group with the appropriate client(s) is created before selecting this option.

    Note: A dedicated proxy is recommended in environments with a large number of clients. (5000 or more approximately.)

    Manually Select Clients for External Client Group

    When selected, the [External Clients for Failover] Client Group is emptied, so that the necessary clients can be manually added to this client group.

  • Using Existing Configuration

    Choose this option to use an alternate method for re-pointing the clients after a failover. For example, if you plan to use your existing network configuration or while using the sCSINTERFACELIST additional setting, described in Configuring Multiple CommServe Hostnames for Disaster Recovery.

    Note: Network routes will not be created under the Network Topologies node in the CommCell Browser.

    When this option is selected, you must ensure that the network configuration will work after failover.

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