Backup Copy Operations for Amazon

Backup copy operations for the Virtual Server Agent mount the snapshots captured by IntelliSnap backups and then stream the backup data to a secondary copy on different media.

For general information about backup copy operations, see Backup Copy for IntelliSnap Backup. The general information includes the following topics:

  • Inline and offline backup copy operations
  • Configuring a storage policy to perform a backup copy operation
  • Running an inline backup copy operation
  • Running an offline backup copy operation
  • Running backup copy operations for specific jobs
  • Modifying an existing configuration for backup copy operations
  • Controlling parallel workflows
  • Backup copy reports
  • Backup copy alerts

Amazon Considerations

On VSA proxies that are used to perform IntelliSnap backup copy operations, install the MediaAgent package in addition to the Virtual Server Agent. The MediaAgent is required to perform mount operations on the VSA proxy.

Last modified: 10/1/2018 6:58:17 PM