Remote Office Appliance RO1100 - What's in the Box

Note: Prior to unpacking, inspect packages for shipping damage. If damage is apparent, photograph the damage and contact Commvault Technical Support (www.Commvault.com/contact-us/support) before proceeding. Save the cartons and packing material in case it is necessary to return the shipment.

Ensure that you have received the following items in the shipment:

  • Remote Office Appliance RO1100
  • 2 x Power Cables 2.5m C14 to C13 connector
  • Commvault Appliance Bezel (1U Bezel)
  • Microsoft Client Access License Certificate
  • Remote Office Appliance RO1100 - First Information Guide
  • Remote Office Appliance RO1100 - Safety Notes and Regulations

* The Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard Product Key sticker on the top, front-left side of the node. Scratch the label and note down the Windows Product Key. Each appliance will have an individual license.

Last modified: 4/8/2020 6:30:50 PM