Configuring Search Capabilities for the Offline Documentation Website

If you use the documentation package as an offline version of the live documentation, you can use the Web Console to search the contents of the offline Documentation website.

Before You Begin

  • This feature requires the Activate license.
  • Setup the Documentation website for offline access. For information, see Setting Up the Documentation Website for Offline Access.
  • You must have the Web Console and the Web Server installed. These components are installed as part of the CommServe installation when IIS is enabled on the computer.
  • Add the Data Analytics role to your Index Server. For more information, see Configuring the Index Server for Data Cube.
  • From Commvault Store, download the Website Search Dashboard report, and then place the WebsiteSearchDashboard.xml file on the Web Console computer.


  1. From the Web Console Applications page, click Analytics.

    For information, see Opening Data Cube in the Web Console.

  2. From the Data Cube dashboard, add the offline documentation website as a website data source, and then crawl the data source.

    Important: In the Web Site URL(S) section, enter the full URL of the offline Documentation website. For example, add http://hostname:8080/v11_sp12.

    For information about adding a website data source, see Adding a Website Data Source to Data Cube.

  3. From the Web Console Applications page, click Reports.

    For information, see Access Reports on Web Console.

  4. Import the WebsiteSearchDashboard.xml file.

    For information about importing report XML files, see Importing Reports for Offline CommCell Environments.

  5. On the Reports page, under Datacube, click Website Search Dashboard.
  6. From the Website list, click the name of the website data source, and then click Apply.

    Note: If the website data does not appear, wait for the crawl to complete, and then refresh the page.

  7. In the Search text box, enter your search term, and then press Enter.

    Web pages with your search term appear below the Search text box.

Last modified: 9/18/2020 6:43:34 PM