Verifying Disaster Readiness

A test failover can be performed to ensure that the failover process succeeds and the services are successfully started, before performing a production failover. Test failovers also ensure successful restore operations after a production and/or maintenance failovers. Test failovers do not affect the current jobs and activities on the production CommServe host.

Step 1: Setting Up the Test Environment

Setup the environment needed to perform a test failover. For more information on setting up the test environment, see Setting Up the Test Environment.

Step 2: Performing Test Failovers

Perform test failover to verify whether the high availability setup is functioning properly. For more information on performing a test failover, see Performing Test Failovers.

Step 3: Resetting Test Failovers

After verifying disaster readiness, redirect the test clients and/or MediaAgent to the production CommServe host. For more information on resetting the test failover, see Resetting Test Failovers.

Last modified: 9/12/2019 7:01:44 PM