Getting Started with the Microsoft Azure Storage Array

To set up a Microsoft Azure Snap array, review system requirements, and if you need to manage different subscriptions, add an array entry. Then, configure a client.

Step 1: Review System Requirements

Review system requirements. See System Requirements.

Step 2: Add a Microsoft Azure Snap Entry to Manage Different Subscriptions

If you have just one subscription, then you do not need to configure any additional array because by default, snapshots created by the Microsoft Azure snapshot engine are associated with the Azure-Default-MSI array.

If you have more than one subscription and want to manage snapshots from different subscription separately, then you need to configure one storage array entry for each subscription. For more information, see Configuring One Storage Array Entry For Each Subscription.

Step 3: Configure a Client to Work with the Array

Configure a client that uses the array. For more information, see Supported Agents.

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To learn about the naming conventions of the snapshots that are created by Microsoft Azure Snap, see Naming Conventions for Snapshots Created by the Microsoft Azure Snap Array.

Last modified: 8/28/2020 4:28:25 PM