Application Consistent Backups Using Microsoft Azure

You can use the Commvault IntelliSnap functionality to perform snapshot operations with the Microsoft Azure VM as a snapshot engine for the following databases:

  • DB2
  • Oracle
  • SAP Oracle
  • SQL Server

You can perform the following IntelliSnap operations:

  • IntelliSnap backup operations with all supported device types and data types
  • IntelliSnap restore operations and revert operations
  • Offline backup copy operations with and without a proxy server

    Backup copy operations with the source VM and the proxy VM on different subscription or resource group are supported. Make sure that the proxy VM has the contributor role at the Azure Resource Groups scope that manages the VM and the backup snapshots.

  • Database copy restore operations with a bare-metal setup from one Azure VM to a new Azure VM

    Cross machine restores with the source and destination VM on different subscription or resource group are supported.

IntelliSnap operations are also supported on Azure VMs with availability zones. Inter zone data transfer rates are applied when you restore the snapshots to a different availability zone.For more info on the inter zone data transfer rate, see Azure - Bandwidth Pricing Details documentation.

Last modified: 11/20/2020 8:15:07 PM