Restoring Volumes for Block-Level Backups for PostgreSQL

You can browse and select PostgreSQL volumes to restore from a backup copy on a tape or a disk. You can use multiple streams so that the restore operation completes faster.

Note: Volume level browse and restore operations are supported only for PostgreSQL clients that have Indexing Version 2 enabled.

Before You Begin

Verify that you have completed the following tasks on the client where you want to restore volumes:


  1. From the CommCell Browser, go to Client Computers > client > PostgreSQL > instance.
  2. Right-click FsBasedBackupSet, and then click Browse and Restore.

    The Browse and Restore Options dialog box appears.

  3. Select the Volume Level Browse (Restore the disk image/volume) check box.
  4. On the Advanced Options tab, select the Browse from copy precedence check box, and then specify the preference number to browse from the backup copy.
  5. From the Use MediaAgent list, select the MediaAgent that is associated with the data that you want to browse.
  6. Click View Content.
  7. Select the volumes that you want to restore, and then click Recover All Selected.

    The PostgreSQL Database Restore Options dialog box appears.

  8. From the Destination Server list, select a destination client.
  9. In the Number of Streams box, select the number of streams to use to restore each volume.
  10. Click OK.

What to Do Next

After the restore operation completes, verify that the PostgreSQL server is started.

To view the total number of objects that were restored, view the job details.

Last modified: 11/21/2019 3:13:34 AM