Storage Requirements

Secondary Copies

To enable restores from a secondary copy, perform a synchronous copy operation to ensure that the secondary copy includes all application-aware backup jobs for VMs and applications.

For Service Pack 18 and more recent service packs, you can restore from a secondary copy that was created using a selective copy operation. After you upgrade to SP18, if a selective copy is configured for a VM, the first application-aware backup of the VM is always a full backup, even if you requested a different backup type.

Storage Policy

Create a Snap copy for the storage policy to be used with the VSA subclient. For more information, see Copy Properties - Retention.

You can create copies for a storage policy that is associated with a subclient that is configured for IntelliSnap and application-aware backups, and restore data from any copy.

Important: Both the VSA job and the associated application job must be available when you restore data for an application. The point-in-time software snapshot that is created by the application backup operation is part of the data that is stored for the VSA backup job. Ensure that both the VSA job and the application job are retained in the same storage policy copy that is used for restore operations.

Last modified: 8/19/2020 6:11:11 PM