Oracle RAC Databases

You can use the DB instances solution to perform backup and restore operations on Oracle RAC databases.

When you add an Oracle RAC database, you associate a server plan with the instance. The Commvault software automatically performs the backup operations needed to meet the recovery point objective (RPO), based on the backup frequency and backup window defined for the server plan.

Supported Backup Types

Command Center supports the following backup types:

  • Traditional full, incremental, and cumulative
  • IntelliSnap and IntelliSnap backup copy

Supported Restore Types

You can perform any of the following restore operations:

  • In-place restore

    When you restore a database in place, you restore it to the same instance on the same RAC client from which the database was backed up.

  • Out-of-place restore

    When you restore a database out of place, you can restore it to any one of the following destinations:

    • A different client than the one from which the database was backed up
    • A different instance on the same client from which the database was backed up

Database Clones

You can use the cloning feature to create a copy of the database using a full IntelliSnap backup or a block-level backup for a test environment. The system automatically shuts down the clone database and frees up all resources when the reservation period expires.

Automatic Discovery of Applications

You can use the Auto discover applications option to automatically find Oracle RAC databases in your environment and install software to back up the Oracle RAC databases. For more information, see Automatic Discovery of Applications.

Last modified: 1/3/2020 4:11:51 PM