Unusual Number of Failed Jobs Report

The Unusual Number of Failed Jobs report displays information about the jobs that have failed unusually during a specific hour of the day in a CommCell environment. This report displays the number of jobs that is used as a threshold to treat the number of jobs as unusual. The threshold is calculated based on the previous history of failed jobs during the same hour of the day. This report contains graphs and tables that display information about jobs that failed unusually.

Who Can View the Report

To view the default reports on the Web Console, your CommCell user account requires the following:

  • A role that has the Report Management permission
  • An association with the CommCell entity, client group, or client computer that the report is about

Where to Access the Report

From the Anomaly in number of failed jobs email alert, click the link to the report, and then view the report on the Web Console.

Related Topic

See CommServe Anomaly Alert in the List of Predefined Alerts.

Last modified: 5/17/2019 3:49:41 PM