Exchange Online Interaction with Microsoft Teams

When you create a team, an Office 365 group mailbox and a SharePoint team site are also created with the same name as the team. You can identify the Office 365 group mailboxes based on the team names.

You can use the Exchange Online agent to back up the Office 365 group mailbox. For more information, see Exchange Mailbox Agent User Mailbox Exchange Online (Through On-Premises Active Directory) Environment.


  • In order to back up private group mailboxes, in case of basic authentication, all the service accounts must be assigned owner roles.
  • If you are using basic authentication in a hybrid environment, to backup private group mailboxes, the mailbox assigned to the service account must be a user mailbox or a shared mailbox.

Exchange Online interacts with Microsoft Teams in the following ways:

  • For the channel chat, the conversations are stored inside a hidden folder within the Office 365 group mailbox for the team.
  • Private conversations are stored inside a hidden folder within the user's Exchange mailbox.

Last modified: 1/19/2021 5:56:43 PM