List Media


List Media, also known as Media Prediction, is an operation that displays all source media associated with a data protection operation performed from a specific backup set or instance. It is used to identify the source media required by restore jobs. It is most helpful when tape is the medium you use for backing up data and indexes.

Use Cases

Prior to running a restore job, List Media is helpful in these cases:

  • To confirm that media required by an operation is available in the library.
  • To identify the exact media necessary to restore a file or folder where data spans several media.
  • To identify and restore from a copy that accesses disk media (which is faster) rather than tape media.
  • To identify media associated with an alternate copy when the media containing data associated with a specific copy is not readily available. This can happen if the media is exported from the library or is being used by another operation.

Key Benefits

Media Prediction can be used to:

  • Restore data associated with a specific backup set, subclient, or instance.
  • Restore the index required to browse data associated with a specific backup set or subclient.
  • Restore specific files (or folders).
  • Restore data associated with a specific job.

Last modified: 3/1/2018 8:27:28 PM