Data Retention for Edge Drive

Retention for Edge Drive data refers to the time period to retain user-deleted files and number of file versions in Edge Drive.

You can set the retention settings for the deleted files and file versions on the Edge Drive subclient policy.

You can specify the retention time period for which you want to retain the user-deleted files in the Edge Drive Trash. A deleted file is available for browse and restore from the Edge Drive Trash. By default, deleted files are retained on the Edge Drive trash for 30 days.

You can also set the retention time period for a file version, and the number of file versions to be displayed on your Edge Drive. Based on the retention settings, the specified number of latest versions are retained and all the other older versions are deleted. The deleted file versions are not available in the Edge Drive Trash.

Synthetic full backups manage the application of subclient retention settings.

You can schedule synthetic full backups.Files that exceed the subclient retention criteria are not included in the next synthetic full backup.

Last modified: 1/7/2019 8:35:29 PM