Media Refresh

Media Refresh enables you to move valid data from a tape media to another media. By using Media Refresh, you can consolidate data and recycle the old tape media, thus utilizing media efficiently.

Media Refresh is also supported for Global Secondary Copy Policy.

Media refresh is useful in these scenarios:

  • Consolidate data that is spread across several tapes. Media attached to storage policy copies with extended retention rules often result in partially used tapes. For example, consider database backups where the data gets pruned and the transaction logs are retained.
  • Move the data to another media during an upgrade of the tape library model
  • You wish to replace an old media with a new media.

    You may require to copy the data to a new media due to expiration of media shelf life for compliance purposes. For example, you can copy data from LT04 media to LT07 media.

You cannot refresh the following objects:

  • Disk media
  • Active media
  • Deduplication-enabled storage policy copies that are configured for silo storage

Note: If you promote a secondary copy to the primary copy where one or both of the copies have media refresh enabled, then the media refresh is automatically disabled on the copies after the promotion.

Media Refresh Process

Media Refresh moves valid data from one media to another media. The process involves the following operations:

  • After a media is picked for refresh and successful refresh job is run, valid data on the media is moved to a new media.

    If the valid data on the media picked for refresh spans on other media (dependent media), then, this valid data present on the dependent media is also moved to the new media.

  • If the data paths have hardware encryption enabled, then Media Refresh would encrypt the data from previous media.
  • The old media is recycled and put into a scratch pool.

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