Tape Library Support

By default, RedHat Enterprise Linux native st and pass through sg inbox drivers are supported for data transfer for tape, and the ch inbox driver is supported for the medium changer.

However, contact Commvault Customer Support for lin_tape for IBM drives.

The package for lin_tape will be specifically built for the nodes and provided to you. Once the packages are available, follow the procedure described in Adding Support for Lin_tape Device Driver (starting from step3 ) for lin_tape support.


  • lin_tape driver is built specifically for the running Kernel version. When the Kernel associated with OS is upgraded, the corresponding lin_tape driver must also be rebuilt and upgraded to prevent issues from occurring.
  • If tape type devices are zoned to FC cards, it is a best practice for tape and disk FC traffic to be separated by at least different physical FC ports. Ideally, disk and tape should be on different HBA's or if using a 4 port HBA; ports 0 and 1 can be tape, and ports 2 and 3 can be disk, or vice versa.

Last modified: 2/28/2020 3:04:13 PM