Restore SharePoint Databases

You can browse and restore the backed up SharePoint Databases.

Browsing and Restoring SharePoint Databases Based on Backup Time

You can browse the SharePoint Databases either from the most recent backup or from a previous point in time.

  • You can restore from the latest backups to keep your content on a secondary storage, such as tape, for long-term storage. However, you must identify the corresponding media, and make sure that it is available for the recovery operation.
  • You can restore from the data backed up on a specific date to restore to a point in time before the content became unusable.

Restore Destinations

The destination where you restore data is determined by your restore objective. Generally, you perform an in-place or an out-of-place restore.

In-place restore

When you restore a database in place, you restore it to the same path on the same client from which the database was backed up.

Out-of-place restore

When you restore a database out of place, you can restore it to a different destination server within the same SharePoint organization. You can also restore a database out of place to a different disk location.

Last modified: 5/30/2019 11:30:53 AM