Configuration for Active Directory

Default Backup Sets

Backup sets are logical groupings of subclients that define the production data on a computer that needs to be protected. During the installation, the software creates a default backup set that contains a default subclient that is designed as a catchall, automatically detecting and protecting all the data that the agent is responsible to protect. After the installation, you can run backups for the default subclient or create additional user-defined subclients.


Subclients contain the specific data that you want to protect.

The following operations are available on the client details page:

  • Change the plan.
  • Add, or modify a backup schedule.
  • Delete a subclient. In the upper-right of the page, click Delete.

    Note: You cannot delete the default subclient.

  • Perform a backup.
  • Change the subclient content.
  • View the subclient job history. For information on the job history, see Jobs.
    • To view the backup history, in the upper-right of the page, click Backup History.
    • To view the restore history, in the upper-right of the page, click Restore History.

Last modified: 3/22/2021 2:09:12 PM