Enabling Content Indexing on File System Subclients

Applies to: Windows File System Agent and UNIX File System Agent

You can enable content indexing on file system subclients using the following procedure:

Before You Begin

This feature is not supported on the following subclients:

  • Block-level backups
  • OnePass
  • Reference Copy
  • IntelliSnap
  • Indexing Version 1


  1. From the CommCell Browser, go to Client Computers > client > File System > backup_set.
  2. Right-click the subclient and click Properties.

    The Subclient Properties dialog box appears.

  3. On the General tab, in the Subclient Name box, type a name for the subclient.
  4. To set the content for the subclient, on the Content tab, click Browse to locate the content, and then click OK.
  5. On the Storage Device tab, in the Storage Policy list, click a storage policy name to associate with the subclient.

    Tip: To create a new storage policy, click Create Storage Policy and follow the instructions in the storage policy creation wizard.

  6. On the Policy Association tab, select the Enable Content Indexing check box.
  7. From the Content Indexing Policy list, select a content indexing policy.

    For more information on creating a content indexing policy, see Creating a New Content Indexing Policy for File System Agents.

  8. Click OK.

Last modified: 6/7/2019 5:59:10 PM