Configuration of the Export Destination for Disaster Recovery (DR) Backups

Disaster Recovery (DR) Backups are executed using the following phases:

  • Export

    During the export phase, a metadata backup of the SQL databases is copied to the default staging directory located in software_installation_directory\CommserveDR.

    Recommended: Store the DR backup in a network location that is accessible from both the CommServe hosts. Use an UNC path to access the location. Local disk or local clustered disk is not safe and is not a common practice.

    Additional export destination can be setup as follows:

    • To a local or network path
    • To the Commvault Cloud Services portal

    To a cloud storage library

  • Backup

    For more information on configuring the backup destinations, see Configuration of the Backup Destination for Disaster Recovery (DR) Backups.

Last modified: 3/28/2019 4:07:18 PM