Client Name

The client name is the name of the client that is registered on the client's operating system and uniquely identifies the client in the CommCell environment. When a backup or other type of operation is performed, the software looks up and uses the client name.

Changing a Client Name

When you change the client name, you must also notify the components in the CommCell environment about the change. You might need to change the names of the CommServe, MediaAgent and client computers in one or more of the following scenarios:

  • When the CommServe is moved or the hardware is changed to provide a better configuration.
  • When a CommCell is migrated and the clients are moved to another CommServe.
  • When the domain name associated with the CommCell is changed.
  • When a client is moved or hardware changed to provide a better configuration.


The name management process is supported for most components in the CommCell. Note: Changing the client name of the CommServe client is not supported.

Windows and Unix computers that are part of a cluster environment are also supported.

Last modified: 1/3/2019 4:37:56 PM