Recovering From CommServe Host and MediaAgent Disaster

CommServe database which stores all the information pertinent to the CommCell can be backed up using Disaster Recovery (DR) backup. By default, a full DR backup is performed daily for the CommServe database and other existing CommCell databases. If the CommServe and the MediaAgent becomes inoperable or inaccessible, DR backups can be used to recover them.

Note: This recovery process assumes that the RAID5 data volume on SAS HDDs is unaffected and can be used when the operating system (OS) drive and/or deduplication (DDB) drive is corrupt.


  1. Install the CommServe and the MediaAgent on the new server.

    For more information, see Installing the CommServe and MediaAgent Software on Remote Office Appliance RO1100.

  2. Recover the CommServe and the MediaAgent on the new server.

    For more information see, Recovering the CommServe and the MediaAgent for Remote Office Appliance RO1100.

  3. Verify the successful completion of the disaster recovery operation by ensuring that the new LUNs are accessible from the server.

    For more information, see Confirming the Successful Completion of the Disaster Recovery Operation.

  4. Restore and resynchronize the deduplication database (DDB) to bring the DDB online and revert it to a reusable state.

    For more information on recovering DDB, see Recovering Permanently Offline Deduplication Database Partitions.

    For more information on bringing the DDB online and reverting it to a reusable state, see Resynchronizing the Deduplication Database.

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