Recovering the CommServe and the MediaAgent for Remote Office Appliance RO1100

CommServe and the MediaAgent on Remote Office Appliance RO1100 can be recovered using the Disaster Recovery (DR) backup data.

Note: This recovery process assumes that the RAID5 data volume on SAS HDDs is unaffected and can be used when the operating system (OS) drive and/or deduplication (DDB) drive is corrupt.


  1. Log on to the server where the CommServe and the MediaAgent are installed.
  2. From Windows Explorer go to C:\DiskStorage_Recovered_*_*. (For example, C:\DiskStorage_Recovered_1_1.)
  3. Copy the latest SET folder to the C: location on the server.
  4. Go to the <software_installation_directory>/Base folder and double-click the CSRecoveryAssistant.exe tool.
  5. In the Restore file box select the SET folder that you had copied to the C: location and click OK.
  6. Follow the detailed procedure to run the disaster recovery operation for the CommServe. For more information see, CommServe Recovery Using Disaster Backups.

What to Do Next

Verify that the disaster recovery operation completed successfully. For more information about verifying successful completion, see Confirming the Successful Completion of the Disaster Recovery Operation.

Last modified: 3/8/2019 4:10:09 PM