Re-Imaging the Remote Office Appliance RO1100

After configuring the bootable USB drive, you can re-image the Remote Office Appliance RO1100.

Note: The re-imaging process will preserve the data which is stored in C:\DiskStorage and E:\ (DDB)(INDEXCACHE) folders.

If you would like to erase the data prior to re-imaging the appliance, use the CVDiskEraser tool as follows:

Before You Begin

Ensure that the bootable USB drive is configured. For more information, see Configuring the Bootable USB Flash Drive.


  1. Connect the bootable USB drive to the Remote Office Appliance RO1100.
  2. Turn on the appliance and during the boot sequence, change the BIOS settings to boot from the USB drive.

    Once you save the BIOS settings, the imaging will start automatically.

    This process may take some time (approximately 15 - 20 minutes) to complete.

    When the imaging is completed, the following message will be displayed:

  3. Type Exit.

    The appliance will be restarted.

  4. During the boot sequence, verify the BIOS settings to ensure that the hard drive is set at the top of the boot sequence list.

    Important: The USB drive should not be at the top of the boot sequence list, as this will restart the imaging process.

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