Index Cache Cleanup Report (Indexing Version 1)

Index files are subject to cleanup every 24 hours as described in Scheduled Cleanup. When this process runs, some files that were selected for deletion (based on retention settings) may not be deleted. The Index Directory Cleanup Report is a log that contains a list of these index files, along with the reasons that these files were not deleted.

Note: Index files that reside in the intermediate index cache are not included in this report.

When To Use the Report

The Index Cache Cleanup Report is useful in the following cases:

  • When an aged index did not get pruned or deleted during cleanup.

    For example: A job may have locked the index or the index may have been corrupted.

  • To analyze the number of index files present in the MediaAgent computer.

    For example: The presence of too many index files may require aggressive cleanup activity.

Where To Find the Report

The Index Cache Cleanup Report is created on the MediaAgent computer, in the following directory:



The Index Cache Cleanup Report is saved as a CSV file. When opened in a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel, the report looks like the following:

The report contains the following three columns:



Index Directory folder

The location of an index file that was not deleted during the automatic cleanup operation.

Event ID

A numeric identifier that corresponds to the event message in the Retention Reason column. The following are common Event IDs:

  • 234881273: Index is in use by a running job.
  • 234881274: Index was accessed recently.
  • 234881275: Index is in use.
  • 234881276: Failed to open index. Check IndexCacheCleanup.log for more details.
  • 234881277: Failed to delete index. Check IndexCacheCleanup.log for more details.
  • 234881278: Failed to verify state of index.

Retention Reason

The reason why the index file was not deleted.

Disabling Automatic Generation of the Report

By default, the Index Cache Cleanup Report is automatically generated.

You can enable or disable the report by Adding or Modifying Additional Settings from the CommCell Console to the MediaAgent:

Setting Name






Valid Values

1 = disable the report

0 = enable the report (default)

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