Configuring a Subclient for Multi-Stream Volume Level Restore

By default, single stream is supported for block level restore. To support multi-stream volume level restore, enable Indexing Version 2 manually for the client or the client group.


  1. To enable Indexing Version 2 manually, execute the following command from the CommServe computer:
    • For a client:

      qoperation execscript -sn SetIndexingV2Property.sql -si c=client_name -si 11

      where client_name is the name of the client.

    • For a client group:

      qoperation execscript -sn SetIndexingV2Property.sql -si cg=client_group_name -si 11

      where client_group_name is the name of the client group.

  2. Run a block-level full backup operation on the clients or the client groups where you have enabled Indexing Version 2.

What to Do Next

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