Index Cache Cleanup (Indexing Version 1)

Cleanup Process

The process of removing unneeded data from the index cache is called cleanup. The Commvault software provides an automated cleanup process and a report that lists files not deleted during normal cleanup, as well as reasons the files were not deleted.


  • Index cache cleanup is an automated, configurable process that is controlled by Retention Parameters.
  • Indexes in the index cache are deleted by the Centralized Cleanup Service that runs on the MediaAgent system. Cleanups run daily (see Scheduled Cleanup), but may also run between scheduled cleanups when certain conditions are met (see Event-Driven Cleanup).
  • Values referenced in these sections, such as Free Space, are found on the MediaAgent Properties dialog box, on the Catalog tab.
  • For index directory sizing guidelines, see the Index Cache Disk entry in the Index Hardware Requirements table in System and Hardware Requirements.

Last modified: 2/25/2019 8:21:07 PM