Adding Additional Definitions to a Case

When a case is created, a definition is automatically added, but you can add additional definitions. The definition defines the group of data you want to collect and how often you want to collect that group of data.

Note: Adding a new definition, modifying, or removing an existing definition in a case applies the definition only to the custodians' new email data that is generated in a case.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Activate.

    The Activate page appears.

  2. Click Case manager.

    The Case manager page appears.

  3. In the Name column, click the case.

    The case properties page appears.

  4. In the upper-right corner of the Definitions table, click Add definition.

    The Definition page appears.

  5. Under General, enter the following information:
    • Definition name: Enter the name of the definition as you want it to appear in the Case Manager.
    • Data collection: Select how often to collect the data.
  6. Under Custodians, enter the names or email addresses of the users or user groups whose data you want to add to the case, and then click Add.


    • If you are processing Exchange Online data, then you must enter the SMTP address for the automatic suggestion feature to work.
    • If you are processing Exchange journal mailbox data, then you must enter the user mailbox email address and not the journal mailbox email address.
    • To add multiple custodians, separate each custodian's name or email address with a comma. For example, enter Adhira Venkatesh, Bohai Wang, mtolliver@example.com.
  7. Optional: Under Additional criteria, and then configure additional filter criteria to the data included in the case.

    Only data that meets the filter criteria that you define is included in the case.

  8. Click Save.

Last modified: 11/9/2020 3:44:32 PM