Elements of App Studio

You can include the following elements in an application:

  • App: A collection of pages that users can interact with. Applications appear on the Command Center navigation pane under My apps. For example: Tasks.
  • Page: The views that the user interacts with. For example, the application Tasks can include two pages: Open Tasks and Closed Tasks. Pages can be either a report or a table.
    • Report: A custom report that you built using the Report Builder.
    • Table: A table that contains the data, code, and display information that a user interacts with.
      • Fields: The type of data. Contains all information for a single piece of data including type of data, default values, and possible values.
      • Business Rules: A set of conditions that you can configure to enforce rules for data consistency. For example: End Date cannot come before Start Date.
      • Forms: A screen where users can add or edit records.
      • Views: A filtered view of the data in a table.

Last modified: 3/4/2019 10:17:54 PM