Creating a Custom Operation for Database Backup

Create a custom operation for database backup that uses the Commvault script. For more information, see the SAP help on Creating Custom Operations.

Before You Begin

Review the following requirements:


  1. Open the SAP LaMa user interface in your browser.
  2. Open the Automation Studio submenu in the left navigation pane and click Custom Operations. The Custom Operations window appears.
  3. To create a new custom operation click Create at the top right of the window. The Create Custom Operation window displays.
  4. Add a new operation that has the following values:




    Name of the operation, for example, Backup

    Provider Definition

    Select the previously created Provider Definition from the list. The Provider Definition was defined in Creating Provider Definitions for SAP LaMa Database Operations.

    Entitiy Type

    Select from the list

    Button Group

    Select Commvault Operations from the list

    Synchronous Execution

    Unselect the option

    Valid for Mass Operations

    Select if required

    Required Permission

    Select Normal from the list

  5. When you have populated all the values, click Create Operation.
  6. After the custom operation has been created, click Parameters for that operation and edit the OPERATION parameter to define Backup as the default value. Select the Mandatory checkbox, then click Save Parameter.


The Commvault script is integrated with the SAP LaMa database backup operation. The database administrator can run database backups from the SAP LaMa console.

Last modified: 4/9/2020 3:01:35 AM