Single Sign-On with CAS Integration

You can integrate supported web applications that use the Central Authentication Service (CAS) protocol with Commvault to enable single sign-on (SSO) to Commvault web applications using third-party, CAS-based credentials.

SSO makes it easier for users to navigate separate web applications using the same credentials. With SSO, a user can log in to one web application (such as the Web Console), and then access a separate web application (such as the Command Center) without the need to enter their credentials again during the same session.

CAS is a protocol for single sign-on used by some third-party web applications, such as Huawei FusionCloud. After configuring SSO, users can log in to their Huawei FusionCloud, and then access Commvault web applications without the need to sign in again.

Last modified: 3/6/2019 6:02:59 PM