Options on the Field Configuration Page

You can configure the following options for fields in tables. Some options are not available for some field types.

  • Name: The name that you entered for the field in the Create Column dialog box. You cannot edit this value in this dialog box.
  • Display name: Enter a name for the field that users are able to see.
  • Description: Enter a useful description of what this field contains.
  • Field type: The type of data that appears in the field, such as Text or Integer. You selected this option in the Create Column dialog box, and you cannot edit this value in this dialog box.
    • File store: To upload files to this field, select this option, and then select a file to upload. When you upload files using this option, they are stored on Edge Drive.

      This option appears only for File field types.

      To upload files, you must have permission to access a File Store type Object Store in the CommCell environment. To create a File Store in the CommCell environment, create a new Object Store client, and on the General tab, in the Object Store Type list, select File Store. Add your user account on the Associate Users tab. For full instructions, see Creating and Configuring an ObjectStore Client.

  • Default value: Type or select the value that appears to users by default.
    • Boolean fields: Select True or False. If you select True, then the check box that appears on the page is selected by default. If you select False, then the check box that appears on the page is cleared by default.
    • Date, Date/Time, and File fields: This option is not available.
    • Number fields: Type or select a number.
    • Rich Text, Long Text, or Text fields: Type some text.
  • Number of lines: Enter the maximum number of lines of text that a user can enter. This option is available only for Long Text field types.
  • Values: Select User input, From list, or From DataSet.
    • User input: Select this option to allow the user to input a value.
    • From list: Select this option to create a list of values.
      • Possible values: Enter the text values that you want the user to choose. Separate values with a new line.
      • Allow user to create new values: Select this option if you want users to be able to create and enter their own values.
      • Possible labels (optional): Enter a label for each value that you entered in the Possible Values box. This setting is optional.
    • From dataset: Select this option to specify a data set that contains data that you want to display.
      • Data set: Select a data set. The list of Shared data sets comes from the Reports application on the Web Console.

        For instructions about creating Shared data sets, see Creating a Shared Data Set.

      • Value field: Select a column from the data set that contains the data you want to display.
      • Sort by: To specify the field that the rest of the data is sorted by, select a field from the data set.
      • Sort direction: To specify the order for data that appears to the user, select either ascending (Asc) or descending (Desc).
  • Required: To require this field for users, select this option.
  • Unique: To enforce only unique values for the field, select this option.

Last modified: 3/5/2019 5:05:23 PM