Configuring Business Rules for a Table

You can configure business rules to incorporate business logic that uses data and forms to control the way that users interact with the application.

Business rules perform an action before or after users enter data, update data, or delete data in a table. Optionally, you can also configure the business rule to run only when a condition is met, such as a user selects a specific value from a list. You can configure multiple conditions to be met, as well as multiple actions to execute for each business rule.


  1. From the navigation pane, click Developer Tools.

    The Developer tools page appears.

  2. Click Tables.
  3. Under Name, click a table.

    The Table page appears with the Fields tab selected.

  4. At the left of the page, click Business Rules.

    The Business Rules tab appears.

  5. At the right of the page, beside the Search box, click Add business rule.

    The Business Rule Configuration page appears.

  6. In the Name box, enter a name for the business rule.
  7. To configure when actions are executed in the table, beside Execute actions, select After or Before, and then select the type of operation that users must perform to start the action:
    • Insert
    • Update
    • Delete
  8. (Optional) To verify that certain conditions are met before an action is executed in the table, under Condition Group, add a condition:
    1. Beside Match, select All or Any.
    2. Click Add Condition.
    3. From the Select... list, select one of the fields that are configured on the Fields tab.
    4. From the Select operator... list, select an operator, such as is equal to or starts with.
    5. From the Select... list, select one of the values configured for that field.
  9. To configure the action that is executed, under Actions, click Add action, then select and configure one of the action types. Action types differ based on whether you select Before or After.

    For more information about the options on this page, see Options on the Business Rule Configuration Page.

  10. (Optional) To apply this business rule to all forms that you configure for this table, select Apply rule to all forms.
  11. Click Save.

Last modified: 3/5/2019 5:15:46 PM