Adding a Form to a Table

You can configure the way forms behave, such as display messages, fail to submit, or display other options on the application page, based on the selections that users make.

The different elements that appear in a form are taken from the fields you configure on the Table tab. On the Forms tab, you can add some rules that control the way users interact with the fields.

You can enter your own JavaScript or CSS code to control both the behavior and the appearance of fields. You can also configure the order that fields appear in using settings on the Layout tab.


  1. From the navigation pane, click Developer Tools.

    The Developer tools page appears.

  2. Click Tables.
  3. Under Name, click a table.

    The Table page appears with the Fields tab selected.

  4. At the left of the page, click Forms.

    The Forms tab appears.

  5. At the right of the page, beside the Search box, click Add form.

    The form configuration page appears.

  6. In the Form name box, enter a name for the form.
  7. Configure a rule, custom code, or the layout of the form:
    • To configure rules that control user interaction with the form, on the Rules tab, click Add rule, and then configure the form behavior.
    • To enter custom JavaScript and CSS, click the Code tab, and then in the JavaScript and CSS boxes, enter the code.
    • To configure the fields in a different order, click the Layout tab, and then configure the format and field order.

    For more information about the options on this page, see Options on the Form Configuration Page.

  8. To view the behavior that you configured, click Preview.
  9. To save all changes and return to the Forms tab, click Save.

Last modified: 3/4/2019 9:38:34 PM