Setting the Device Streams on a Storage Policy

Storage Policy data streams are logical channels that connect client data to the media where data that is secured by backup operations are stored. For a storage policy, the number of device streams that is configured must be equal to the number of drives or writers of all libraries that are defined in the storage policy copy. No benefit is gained if the number of device streams is greater than the total number of the resources that are available.

Note: The number of stream configured in the Storage Policy should be equal to or greater than, the number of data readers specified in the Subclient Properties. Any partial archive jobs will continue to use the previous stream count and number of drives until the job completes.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Policies > Storage Policies > storage_policy.
  2. Right click the appropriate storage policy, and then click Properties.
  3. In the Storage Policy Properties (General tab) dialog box, enter the number of streams in the Device Streams box, and then click OK.

Last modified: 4/8/2021 8:25:32 PM