Testing Network Performance Between HyperScale Nodes

Test network performance between the nodes in a HyperScale Storage Pool using the CV Network Test Tool GUI workflow to troubleshoot Hyperscale performance issues. The workflow tests all permutations and provides an email report of the resulting throughput and latency between each permutation.

Note: Network throughput is calculated using direct connections and not using the tunnel.

Before You Begin


  1. From the CommCell Browser, click Workflows, and then right-click Network Test Tool > All Tasks > Execute.

    The Network Test Tool dialog box appears.

  2. From the Mode of execution list, select HyperScale StoragePool Network and click OK.

    The Enter Storage Pool Name dialog box appears, with a list of available storage pools.

  3. Select the storage pool name and click OK.

    The Enter the test inputs dialog box appears. The default data size used for data transmission is displayed.

  4. If necessary, depending on your network bandwidth, modify the data transmission options as follows:
    • In the Buffer Size (in bytes) box, type the number of bytes to transmit from the listening server.
    • In the Total Size (in MB) box, type the total size of data to transmit.
  5. Click OK.


Last modified: 7/13/2021 8:24:41 PM