Changing Permissions for Specific Users

To protect sensitive data from loss, tampering, and exposure, the permissions must be assigned correctly. If the permissions are assigned incorrectly or if some users have more permissions to files than they need, the administrators can change the users permissions.

You can also add a new user and allow or deny permissions for the new user.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Activate.

    The Activate page appears.

  2. Under Apps, click Entitlement manager.

    The Entitlement manager page appears.

  3. From the Select client list, select the client computer that contains the file or folder for which you want to view or change permissions.
  4. Click Apply.

    A list of files and folders that are on the client computer appears.

  5. To filter and view files and folders with specific extensions, owners, users, or sensitive tags such as credit number or SSN, see Filtering and Viewing File Permissions Based on File Criteria.
  6. On the left of the page, browse to or select the folder or file that you want to view or change permissions for.
  7. On the right of the page, on the Permissions tab, you can view the name of the user who has permissions for the folder or file.
  8. To add a user to a file, click Add user.

    The Add user dialog box appears.

  9. To search for a particular user, type the name of the user in the search box and then select the user from the list.
  10. Click Add.
  11. Expand user to view list of permissions available for the selected file.
  12. Under Permissions for username, select one or more of the following permissions.

    To allow or disallow permissions for the specific user, select the Allow or Deny check box.

  13. Click Review changes.

    The Preview permissions dialog box appears.

  14. Review the permissions for the user, and then click Apply permissions.
  15. A Change Permissions job runs in the background and applies the changes that you made to permissions.

What to Do Next

To view the history of permissions and the status of the change permissions job, click the Activity tab. Click on each job to see the changes history.

Last modified: 4/8/2021 7:52:23 PM