Configuring the DR Partner for the MetroCluster Configuration

To use the metrocluster configuration, you need to configure both storage arrays in Array Management, and for the NetApp cluster, you also need to configure the disaster recovery (DR) Partner snapshot configuration property.

Before You Begin

  • If you are using OnCommand Unified Manager (OCUM), ensure that the vServer has a storage virtual machine (SVM) association in OCUM. The source SVM and the DR SVM must have an SVM association to the target SVM.
  • For NDMP backups from the cluster client, add the NAS client in Array Management. For more information, see Adding a Storage Array to the CommServe Database.
  • After cluster switchover and switchback, if you try to suspend and resume NDMP jobs, the operation fails. You need to resubmit the backup job.
  • You cannot use a MetroCluster array as target for replication.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, click the Storage tab, and then click the Array Management icon.

    The Array Management dialog box appears.

  2. Select a NetApp array, and then click Edit.

    The Array Properties dialog box appears.

  3. On the Snap Configuration tab, in the DR Partner box, type the name of the DR partner.
  4. Click OK.

Last modified: 3/4/2020 9:13:52 PM