Automatic Client Owner Assignment

By default, the following users are designated as owners of the laptop (client) and have privileges to access the Web Console or Edge Monitor tool.

  • Active Directory users who are the administrators of the Windows or macOS client computer

    The Active Directory domain must be the domain name specified when Adding a Domain and Enabling SSO for Laptop Backup.

  • The user account used to install the Laptop Backup package.

Client owners have complete access to their data on the laptop.

If the client owner or the laptop is associated with a plan, the client owner can also initiate backups and restore data.

Note: Default client owner assignment is not supported for Linux clients. You must manually add the user as the owner for the laptop client.

Review the following links for information on configuring or preventing automatic client owner assignment on laptops.

Last modified: 4/29/2021 3:20:00 PM