Manually Installing Updates / Hot Fixes

Individual updates / hot fixes can be installed in the CommServe hosts.

Note: It is recommended to install updates or hot fixes using the procedure described in Installing Updates / Hot Fixes to ensure that both the production and standby CommServe hosts have the same set of binaries.

Manually install updates / hot fixes on the CommServe hosts when the recommended installation process fails.

Installing Updates on the Production CommServe Host

Before You Begin


  1. Login to the production CommServe host.
  2. Navigate to the updates folder located in the CommServe Cache folder. For more information about CommServe Cache, see Managing the CommServe Cache.
  3. Run Setup.exe and follow the prompts to install the update.

Installing Updates on the Standby CommServe Host

Before You Begin

  • Download the Update / Hot Fix. For more information about downloading updates, see Downloading Software Using the CommCell Console.
  • Configure the remote cache directory on the standby CommServe host.
  • Synchronize the remote cache directory on the standby CommServe host.


  1. Login to the standby CommServe host.
  2. Open command prompt and navigate to the remote CommServe Cache folder.
  3. Run Setup.exe from the installation package.

    Follow the instructions in the installation wizard and complete the installation. The program automatically detects the standby CommServe host and performs a binary-only update installation.

    Alternatively, you can install the service pack from the command line as follows:

    Setup.exe -donotpatchdb -nostartsvc

Last modified: 2/28/2020 11:07:24 PM