Configuring the Source and Destination Instance for Cross-Instance Restores

Use this procedure to configure the source and destination instances before you restore the Oracle database to a different instance.


  1. Create an init pfile for the destination instance.

    You can either create the pfile from the spfile on the source instance and copy it over to the destination instance, or create a new init file.

    Note: If Oracle Managed Files (OMF) is enabled, then an spfile must be used for the destination database. If a pfile must be used, then OMF must be turned off for the destination database.

  2. Create new directories to hold the data files, control files, and the redo log files. These directories should be owned by the “oracle” user.
  3. Update the init file with the new file locations.

    Update the following parameters in the init file to point to these new paths:

  4. Place the destination instance in “NOMOUNT” mode, and then add the instance to the CommCell configuration.

    If you add an entry for the new instance in the /etc/oratab file, the instance can be automatically discovered by the agent. Otherwise, you must manually add the instance to the CommCell configuration for the destination client. For instructions to add an instance manually, see Manually Adding CommCell Instances for Oracle Databases.

Last modified: 9/2/2020 7:00:01 PM