Azure Database for PostgreSQL

You need the following components when you want to perform PostgreSQL database backup operations on your Azure database:

  • An Azure PostgreSQL instance.
  • A Commvault proxy server that is configured on the CommCell Console and that resides in the Azure cloud.
  • A Commvault Windows or UNIX client that has the Virtualization Agent and the PostgreSQL Agent.
  • An optional on-premises MediaAgent.

Configure one of the following Azure resource deployment models:

When setting up the resource deployment model, assign contributor role to the virtual machine or access node.

If you want to restrict access, you can assign a customized role (CvPostgreSQLRole.json).

Data Flow

When you perform a backup operation, the Commvault software invokes the PostgreSQL pg_dump utility to perform the backup operation.

When you perform a restore operation, the Commvault software invokes the PostgreSQL pg_restore utility to restore the data. The destination can be the same Azure database instance, or another Azure database instance.

Last modified: 10/21/2020 9:49:34 PM