Planning Backup and Recovery Solutions

Review the items in the following table to prepare for installation of the Commvault Command Center. Copy this table to an editable document to record your responses.



Your Requirements

Contact information

Administrator email or alias

Email server information

Commvault Cloud account information

Access for production systems


Data to back up

Devices, file systems, applications, databases, virtual machines


Estimated total size of backups



Site locations

Data copies across different sites


Storage for backups

Arrays, storage types, archiving


Data retention requirements



Compliance requirements



Service level agreement (SLA) categories for data recovery

Sites, data types, departments


Network connections

Communication among backup infrastructure components, production servers, and remote sites



Host names






Backup servers and specifications

Standalone backup server or distributed components

Physical, virtual, or appliance


Operating systems for backup servers with latest updates applied



Antivirus, security, or asset management software




Source data, stored backups, transmission


Disaster recovery



Integration requirements






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